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Horseshoe at Home: Renovate or Relocate?

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Back in 2010, the Horseshoe Market was ‘born.’ Horseshoe came out of my love for vintage and handmade, and ultimately, the search for–and love of– the ‘lucky find!’ It’s that moment when you go to a market, thrift store, or an estate sale and you stumble upon something that inspires you, makes you happy, and that you ‘must have.’ Doug and I have always wanted the Horseshoe to be a place where you can find inspiration, unique artifacts and treasures for your home…

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Makers Around Town: Backyard Soda Dives Into The Trout Tank

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You’ve probably seen the Backyard Soda Co at the Horseshoe Market. They create simple syrups using real fruit, fresh herbs, and hand-ground spices and use them to make refreshing slushies and sodas. You might have enjoyed one while you walked around the market. You might have even taken a bottle of simple syrup home with you to make some seriously amazing cocktails.

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