Bringing Handmade Art to Denver Since 2014

Horseshoe Market was created out of a desire to uplift local entrepreneurs and share art with the Denver community. We are the Denver flea market for unique shopping experiences and lucky finds. 

“Denver’s Best Flea Market” by Denver Westword 5 years running. 


Our Mission

We hope to create an approachable and welcoming environment for all so that we may uplift the creative community in Denver. We value a face-to-face shopping experience where community members can support local artisans and find a safe space to express themselves. It’s our mission to foster a different kind of flea market experience for our visitors, one that is elevated, but not pretentious, values art and creativity, and uplifts the local economy.

The Heart of the Horseshoe

Below are the values that form our foundation and the way we strive to be at each of our markets. 

Eclectic Experience

When you visit Horseshoe Market, you’re truly encountering something found nowhere else. Our iconic locations, vintage & antique offerings, and inspirational creative experiences give us the truest—and most unique—flea feel of any market in the Denver area.

Sense of Community

Denver is our home. In fact, we’re just as much neighbors as we are business owners, so we care deeply about how Horseshoe Market impacts our community. We want to bring out the best in ourselves and everyone around us to benefit the greater good of our local economy.


Customer Service

Horseshoe Market has always had a positive reputation for how we treat everyone we come in contact with. That’s why early risers can expect goody bags and a warm smile to greet them—every time. It’s those little touches that make the biggest difference in our customers’ experience.


Horseshoe Market has always had a singular focus on creating a comfortable environment. Not only for ease of shopping but a place where everyone is welcome. We’re even dog-friendly!