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Makers Around Town: Cherry Creek Arts Festival “Best of Show” Scott Hildebrandt

By August 5, 2016Blog

We made it to First Friday at the Curtice Street Art Co-Op to see Scott Hildebrandt today. You might know him as “Mister Christmas”. He takes vintage TVs, radios, Atari, telephones, and other antique vessels, empties them out, and fills them with miniature worlds of nostalgia. He’s a Horseshoe Market “old-timer” and customers of all ages love his creations. In July, he participated in his first Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and to his great surprise, he won Best of Show! For those of you who don’t know–this is a big deal!

We drank some wine, ate some snacks, and chatted with Scott about his next steps now that he’s won. (We also got to chat with his studio mates Mandy Yocom, Anne Franklin, and Kirsten Denbow). We can’t wait to see where his art takes him!

Look for Scott’s magical, award-winning art at the Fall and Holiday Horseshoe Markets this year!

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