How to Apply to ArtStir through Zapp

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Applying for ArtStir Denver 2015 is done through Zapp. It is an online catalog of major art festivals around the nation. By creating a profile on the Zapp site you will be able to apply to ArtStir Denver,  and if ACCEPTED, get load in and booth assignment information efficiently and be able to pay for your space online.

Applying through Zapp Step by Step:

-After you review the ArtStir Denver event details you must first create a Zapp profile for yourself.

-After filling out your artist information you will want to upload photos to your profile.

-Photos must be at least 1400 pixels on one side. We know this is big but there is no way around it.

-If the photos upload with no warnings you are good to go.

-Return to the ArtStir Denver event detail page and click Apply to This Event.

Booth Shot:
This is a required photo. Some people have never shown before and should mock up a display at home and photograph it so we have an idea of how you will merchandise.

If artists are still having problems with the application process, they can always contact ZAPP Support 888-562-7232.  

If ZAPP support isn’t solving the issue,  please email Samuel, the event Creative Director, at or Connie Brown

Here is a direct link to the event detail:
Here is the ArtStir Denver website:

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