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Makers Around Town: Backyard Soda Dives Into The Trout Tank

By August 25, 2016Blog

You’ve probably seen the Backyard Soda Co at the Horseshoe Market. They create simple syrups using real fruit, fresh herbs, and hand-ground spices and use them to make refreshing slushies and sodas. You might have enjoyed one while you walked around the market. You might have even taken a bottle of simple syrup home with you to make some seriously amazing cocktails.

Patrick Creager and Ari Murdock, owners of Backyard Soda

Patrick Creager and Ari Murdock, owners of Backyard Soda

This week, we were honored to watch Patrick of Backyard Soda pitch his business expansion idea to a panel of judges and in front of a room packed full of people at the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center pitch event called Trout Tank (in the spirit of the popular TV show Shark Tank).

Their idea is pretty exciting. Right now they work out of a commissary kitchen and sell their simple syrup to wholesalers, online, and at local craft and farmers markets. But they’ve been in business for four years now and business is good. Their idea is to create the Backyard Soda Co Tap Room. It will be a place where their simple syrup is produced and where it will be distributed from. It will also be an interactive Colorado retail destination for people of all ages to experience soda making from beginning to end. Think contemporary brewery but for sodas.

The good news for us is that you’ll still be able to sample, sip, and purchase from Backyard Soda at places like the Horseshoe Market and Jefferson Park Farm & Flea when the Tap Room is open for business.

Pitching an idea and defending your business to a room full of strangers isn’t easy, but they did such a great job and we hope we get the chance to pull up a chair at the Tap Room!

Be sure to catch Backyard Soda Co at the fall Horseshoe on October 1st, and the Jefferson Park Farm & Fleas on September 10th and October 8th!